Helping Students

Well learned and confident students form the strong backbone of a nation. In developing countries, especially like India, which are fast on their way of becoming one of the super powers of the world the coming generation of the students will have a lot to contribute.

However, sadly many students who are desirous to study and have good intelligence are many times deprived of their true rights. There are many reasons behind this such as poor execution of government policies, ignorance on the part of parents and children and lack of finances.

Debabrata-Auro foundation in Mumbai India has been actively working since 2016 to make sure that every student in the country avails world class education and  other facilities. Founders of Debabrata-Auro foundation Dr. Mitalee Shome, Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker over the course of years, realized that education is not just limited to the book knowledge but students have to be taught the practical uses of education too. Hence Debabrata-Auro foundation was born with the aim that every student should have access to the kind of education he or she wants.

Debabrata-Auro foundation is also working towards encouraging every parent to send their child to school. In India sadly when it comes to sending their child to school or sending him or her to work to contribute to the family income; most families in the lower income group tend to gravitate towards earning rather than education.  At Debabrata-Auro foundation we realize that it is not only important to stress the importance of education it is also important to make the parents and children aware the importance of the same.

The main point put across is that education as a long terms benefits in terms of earning and a stable life. For example when a child is educated he or she can earn so much more than just simple daily wages. Not only that education empowers children to be independent and think out of the box which opens a world of opportunity in front of them. The major roadblock in changing the literacy situation in our country is poverty. The need of money surpasses the need to plan for the future. Many children are made to drop out of the school (even the midday meals enticement is not enough) for various reason.  Years of this situation has led to a wide gap of need and demand in the industry for the skilled labour. This situation is very critical for the development of India.

Debabrata-Auro foundation’s various independent initiatives such as charity drives, donation drives, contributory donations and awareness campaigns have touched the hearts and minds of many generous souls in Mumbai and rest of the India. DAF has touch many minds who believe in the same intentions as that of the foundation that basic learning and education is a right of all and it should be provided at any cost.

Debabrata-Auro foundation welcomes contribution by everybody. History was recently created by seven year old girl in Mumbai who donated her paintings to DAF to help educate the needy in Mumbai.  Spreading happiness, confidence and dream turned into reality of a secure feature is the principle aim of DAF in Mumbai India.