Our Services

English Expert India is an English language training academy, started by Dr. Mitalee Shome, which understands the new- age needs of the aspiring professionals. We provide training in various disciplines which are required by individuals to be successful in their personal, social and professional lives. There are a variety of courses and services offered at English Expert India. These courses can help students, teachers and even professionals from other industries who are looking to develop their communication skills and take that much needed leap in their careers. Here is a brief description of the services and courses offered by English Expert India:-

  • Training in soft skills: – Of all people who are striving to become successful in their chosen career paths, most only focus on getting formal education and a degree. Though a degree or diploma have an unquestionable and undeniable importance, in today’s world a person requires much more to getting recognized in an ocean of people who have similar qualifications. How we present ourselves greatly influences the perception of people about us. Our soft skill training covers all aspects about a person’s professional conduct and etiquettes.
  • Training for interviews: – We completely understand how nerve wrecking interviews can be. After all, it gives you a chance to get your dream job. Many people work hard to get a shot at the interviews but completely make certain basic mistakes which eventually cost them their jobs. We all have heard about the age old adage, “First impression is the last impression”. What many of us do not know is that, it has been proven that interviewers only take 30 seconds to make a first impression about a potential employee. Our training for interviews helps you in preparing for your interviews by helping you improve your body language and confidence.
  • Spoken English training: – Though English is spoken widely in our country; it is still a second language for all of us. Therefore there are many people who find it difficult to express themselves in English whether it is through verbal communication or written communication. We have special courses offering spoken English training for people who want to improve their Spoken English skills which is now a prerequisite for many industries and social set ups.
  • Business communication: – For people who are working in big MNCs and other industries, communicating in the language of business is very important. Business communication requires an altogether separate skill set and the terminology and the protocol of business communication are different from others. English Expert India provides special systematic learning tools for understanding and learning business communication.
  • Conducting Seminars: – Seminars and presentations are an integral part of the corporate routine. Top professionals are supposed to take numerous seminars as part of the corporate training agendas. But for anyone who has not taken a seminar before in their life, it is not difficult to understand that conducting a seminar is not at all easy. It requires a lot of preparation on various levels. The presenter has to prepare not only the content but also has to ensure that the audience understands what the agenda of the seminar is. And all this has to be done while keeping the audience engaged in the seminar. English Expert India helps with conducting seminars and can make you confident to face the audience.
  • Teaching: – Teaching is a job which entails a lot of responsibility. A teacher plays a big part in a student’s life. A student’s potential is related to a teacher’s capabilities. A good teacher can make all students shine alike irrespective of their backgrounds and their past performances. We offer teaching courses in English for various disciplines. We understand that students of different subjects need to learn English for various different reasons. Simply put, a student of science will have to learn different type of English as opposed to a student of Engineering. Keeping in mind, different needs of various students pursuing different subjects, we have tailored our courses individually.
  • Content provision: – Apart from all the courses stated above, English Expert India also provides content writing services of different types. We can provide content for websites, blogs etc. We can also help in writing perfect resumes for people who are looking for a job or just looking for updating their CVs. We also provide copywriting services and website content writing services.
  • Translation services: – If you have any requirement for translation services, English Expert India can help you with that as well. We have translation services for three language pairs; Hindi to English, English to Bangla and Assamese to English.

Dr. Mitalee Shome is a top English Language Expert, based in Mumbai, India. Dr. Mitalee is a PhD in English literature, with over 30 years of rich and varied teaching experience. English Expert India is committed to making contribution to the careers of numerous professionals who may facing disappointment due lack of spoken English skills or may be facing problems in communicating with people effectively. We can help you develop an impressive personality which will help you achieve every milestone in your life.