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Learn advanced communication skills for business professionals

Business communication is an entirely different ball game. Experts are known to flounder while drafting communication. It is a skill that can be acquired with the right training.  Effective business communication is a key quality expected of managers in any organization.

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How to choose the best CV writing services in Mumbai

Job aspirants sometimes find it challenging to be able to compile a CV that presents them in the best possible manner. A poor introduction can be the start of a journey that has little chances of success. Impressions do count a lot and heads of HR often conduct a screening based on the contents of

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Online English Speaking Course – Convenience and Flexibility

Are you interested in improving your English skills, but you don’t have the time to sign-up for an ESL class at a community college or adult education school? You should consider taking an online English speaking course. These types of courses are held entirely online, using a variety of software and programs in order to

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5 Tips to Develop an English Speaking Fluency

The English language is always considered the hardest to learn but being driven to acquire a speaking fluency should be your motivating factor. Understand the fact that with the right training, learning any language could be a fun and enjoyable experience. Here is an article that will help you out with five tips to help

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How Can I Improve My English Speaking Skills?

Make speaking English a habit. Set aside at least 20 minutes a day to speak English. Find a native speaker or talk with your friend – it doesn’t really matter. You need to develop the confidence to speak English first. Speak English every single day if you want to quickly improve your speaking skills.

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As the head of sales in one of the top MNCs in India, I am well aware of the importance of soft skills that are required for being a good administrator and manager. But, let me tell you friends, knowing something and doing it are two different things altogether. Read More...

If there was one thing that I have always struggled with ever since I remember, that is speaking English with confidence. Even though, I try to speak in English as much as I can, there always seems to be something lacking in my conversation with others. Read More...

I have always been an introvert who is most comfortable in her own shell. All was well till the time came to begin my job hunt. Talk about having nightmares and mine was facing professionals at job interviews. I knew that my qualification will not be enough to pull me through. Read More...

I am working with one of the top companies as a HR manager and trainer. My job is to train the new recruits in our company and also interact with them effectively. I believed I was good at my job when one day I noticed that a lot of new employees had negative feedback about my entire approach. Read More....