English Speaking Learning Course

Spoken English is often one of the most predominant hurdles anyone faces and a lack of ability to talk fluently in English greatly influences one’s chances of succeeding professionally. This is why it is essential to undergo Spoken English training programmes and English courses to increase your communication skills and improve one’s pronunciation.

Understanding the difference between written and spoken English

Written English is far easier to follow in most places because of the following reasons

  • The speed of reading / understanding written English depends on the reader and is therefore easier to understand
  • Written English has punctuation and is therefore easy to follow and understand, because the pauses and pronunciation are dependent on the reader’s abilities and not on the writer’s.
  • Spoken English has accents while written English does not. Spoken English accents might make understanding the words difficult. .
  • Written English uses formal spelling while spoken English uses contractions and a lot of informal words and this might differentiate them both by a wide margin.

Why is learning Spoken English important?

There are many reasons why spoken English is considered an essential skill.

It is a universal language

Whether we accept it or not, English has gained popularity as the Language spoken by most people in the world. Spoken English is essential to understand the language of people from other countries and it is universally accepted as the common language. English is universal and unifies people whose mother tongues are different. English as a common medium is effective in communicating thoughts and points across. This is why spoken English training programmes and English courses are important for increasing communication skills and clearing pronunciation.

Increases one’s exposure and confidence

Spoken English increases a person’s global exposure. The English courses and training are focused on increasing exposure. The skills also increase one’s confidence. Being fluent in spoken English is essential to be able to communicate effectively even if the other person is from a different country. People from other countries are using English as a common language and that is why spoken English training is often recommended as part of professional and soft skill trainings.

Spoken English teaches the right pronunciation

Spoken English training and courses are often the single most important tool for learning the right pronunciation of words. We might often read words and not know the right pronunciation. This is why it is essential to go for a spoken English course which offers training from professional faculties.

Increasing scope of available material

Spoken English widens one’s perspective and since most of the material available in the world is in English, it also enhances the ability to understand the variety of available material.  Spoken English training course increases the vocabulary of the candidate.

Specialised accent training

Most spoken English training courses are also inclusive of accent training, and this is considered one of the important prerequisites of any professional job training. Spoken English training courses also give the confidence the employees require to go to other countries on job related issues.

Helps in normalizing speech

Spoken English training teaches a person to speak correctly, maintaining an even tone, pronounce the words correctly and use the correct pace. This training also includes extensive English courses that teaches the local expressions and certain common terms used in the various countries. This might be useful in case there is a need to go to other countries.

Spoken English helps in maintaining friends

Since English is a common language, Spoken English training is essential for increasing confidence and also making sure there are no hindrances in effectively putting one’s   point across, no matter what our mother tongue is. Understanding English will immediately widen one’s scope for learning various things and meeting new people with   confidence. Being fluent in English is important to be able to make new friends and maintaining ties effectively.

Increases the individual’s respect

(When you are trained in spoken English by professional faculties, your respect in front of the world. It cannot be denied that English language is universally accepted as the most common and effective medium of communication. Mainly because it is very prevalent and because most available material are in the language, English has both officially and unofficially taken over as the only medium of communication.) Very badly written para, meaning not at all clear

Spoken English training components

Spoken English training by professional faculties will include communication skills, pronunciation practices and other essential language skills. This is why most companies have now started including spoken English training courses as part of their training programme for new employees. Spoken English training courses also teach the individual connected speech, maintaining the natural intonation and rhythm. It also teaches the emphasis on the right words in the sentence and where to pronounce the words with or without the accent.

Dr. Mitalee Shome is a top English Language Expert, based in Mumbai, India. Dr. Mitalee is a PhD in English literature, with over 30 years of rich and varied teaching experience. For all your English speaking & learning, please contact us at English Expert India.