Content Provision

Dr. Mitalee Shome at English Expert India is one of the best content writing services in India. We provide guaranteed high quality content for different purposes. English Expert India has a number of highly experienced writers on the team who understand the importance of error free high quality content. We have provision for different types of content that may be required for your business or for your personal growth.

Here is a list of different types of content provided by English Expert India:-

  • Website content: – The content on a website has big responsibility to execute and that in a very short period of time. The main aim behind high quality content is to capture the attention of the potential customers and engage them so that they come back again to the webpage and consider it worthy enough to be shared with other people on the Web. The content on the website not only has to be unique but also has to be Search Engine Optimized so that it ranks high on the search engine pages. English Expert India can help in the creation of website content which is not only optimized for search engines but also is plagiarism free.
  • Copywriting: – The main aim of copywriting is to create a copy that is aimed at getting more inbound business. Copywriting is done by professional copywriters at English Expert India who understand the need of a well designed and attractive copy. The copywriters at English Expert India devote a lot of time and attention in designing and producing each copy which is in line with you and your brand’s requirements. The copies written by English Expert India will ensure that your target audience is attracted to your brand and this will definitely show through your revenue generation.
  • Resume writing: – We provide professional resume writing services for people who are looking for employment and those who are currently employed but want a more updated and industry appropriate resume. A resume is like an appraisal letter for self which tells the potential employer a lot about the candidate before he or she actually gets the chance to do so in person. Therefore, it has to be written in a way that the person who reads it feels interested  to meet the person. Also, all industries have their own specific terminology and we help write resumes with the industry relevant terms.
  • Blog writing: – Blogs have become all the rage on the Internet and for all the right reasons. People have personal blogs through which they document their personal struggles and lives and share with people around the world. Blogs have brought people closer by letting them know that there are other people they can relate to. Apart from personal blogs, almost all businesses have their own blogs on their websites through which they connect with their customer. Blogs help the customers know better about the brand and it helps them in establishing a rapport and a trustworthy relationship with the company. They also generate traffic in conjunction with various social media platforms and effectively written blogs have been known to help in increasing the ROI immensely. English Expert India has professional blog writers on the team who can write bogs which are suited to a particular brand. You can tell us what your goals or expectations from the blogs are and just sit back and relax. We will make sure that all your blog expectations are met by us.
  • Editing: – Editing is one of the most indispensible parts of content writing. A well written piece of text, if not edited properly, can lose all its significance and may be nothing more than a complete waste of time. Our editors make sure to edit. re- edit and finally proofread all types of content that is churned out of the mills of English Expert India. Also, if you already have good content but need someone to polish it and make it business worthy, we have our editors on- board at your service. We edit the content to make sure it is of high quality while maintaining the originality and the central idea. So, if you want to get something proofread or edited, you surely know where to come.
  • Content writing: – There is a huge requirement for content of various types. Whether it is the press releases, blog articles, white paper documents, essays etc. English expert India can provide best content writing services. Our writers are some of the best in the industry and ensure that you are not disappointed by the quality of content. We guarantee that our content is sure to take your webpage to new high ranks altogether.

Dr. Mitalee Shome is a top English Language Expert, based in Mumbai, India. Dr. Mitalee is a PhD in English literature, with over 30 years of rich and varied teaching experience. For all your content writing requirements, please contact us at English Expert India. English Expert India is a one stop content writing service for all and any type of content.