Helping Patients

The world is your oyster, if you have a healthy body. A healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind and there is no one in the world who can dispute this face. Then, in the present social constitution of our country, why is this fact so blatantly ignored? The statistics are alarmingly disappointing, when it comes to the on ground realty of the reach of healthcare to the poor echelons of the society. These are the facts and there are no excuses which can justify the fact that the poor and underprivileged in India are still waiting for easy access to basic healthcare facilities.

Corruption and the lack of empathy on the part of the decision makers and the ones whose prime duty is to implement these decisions have led to a situation that healthcare has become a charity rather than a right. Most  of the privileged feel that they have done their duty by contributing little money in way of healthcare. The situation is bleaker when it comes to children and new born in the poor section of the society.

Health, like education is one of the basic rights of every citizen in this country. However when coupled with unemployment and ignorance, healthcare has taken a great backseat. Many children are exposed to some life threatening diseases because of lack of vaccination and proper nourishment. Government from time to time announces schemes and allots money for various  health causes but most of these get lost on paper. NGOs like Debabrata-Auro Foundation are closely working with the government agencies to provides top quality basic and advanced healthcare to all those who cannot afford payments. DAF is also actively involved in aiding various organizations to build healthcare institutions and move towards building a better lifestyle.

Despite the various sincere efforts there is still a long way to go to change the mind-set of the whole society about making the need of this transformation a top priority. After all, the health and nourishment of the children lays down the foundation of a happy nation. Debabrata-Auro Foundation has been taking steady steps for the last one year to education people about following better health practices can making them a part of their daily routine. DAF foundation aims to provide quality medicines and other basic essentials needed to the children and mothers in an easy way.

The founders of Debabrata-Auro Foundation are doctors (Dr. Mitalee Shome, Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker) and therefore completely understand the perils of lack of healthcare. Dr. Shome and Dr. Bhasker have both made their aim to channel the donations towards their NGO to improving the health care for every child with reach. Since its inception in 2016 Debabrata-Auro Foundation has already made great inroads in the betterment of lives of many patients and many children in Mumbai. Early childhood development is one of the main programs of DAF foundation which covers healthcare as well as basic education of the children to help them understand the importance of maintain good health.

Debabrata-Auro Foundation welcomes contributions in terms of time, money and any other form from everybody who wants to make a different in the future of the children. Every child deserves a better future and if we can all contribute in a little way, then big changes can happen.