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What is Copywriting?

Let us begin by understanding the difference between Copywriting and its homophone Copyrighting. Copywriting is related to content writing while Copyrighting is related to legal ownership of academic or intellectual property. So these two terms are completely unrelated.

Copywriting can be defined as a persuasive medium for communicating ideas. Copywriting can be defined as the process of getting the best out of words via the tone, structure, appropriate length of the text or copy etc. Some people may draw comparisons between copywriting and creative writing. Though both are of creative expression, the purpose of both is fundamentally different. While creative writing is done to express oneself with the help of words, copywriting is done for achieving a particular purpose. How successful a particular copywriting job is, can be measured by how well it has achieved its purpose.

A copywriter can communicate via different mediums. It can be visual, audio, texts etc. A copywriter can use images, designs, lettering etc. to make his copy more impactful. Therefore he is not only limited by his words. The main objective behind copywriting is promotion of ideas or a brand. By copywriting, a product or services is made more visible amongst the targeted market. Copywriting may also be done for not only promoting a new brand but also in image rebuilding or revamping a brand’s image. A copywriter’s main objective is to convince the target set of audience or customers to buy the product or avail the services offered. There is a definite agenda which is generally communicated by the client to the copywriter, keeping in mind which, the copywriter has to do his job.

But if by now you are thinking that the job of a copywriter is only to write, then you are wrong. A copywriter has to perform multiple tasks simultaneously in order to create an effective copy. A copywriter can be the pillar of a brand’s marketing campaign. He reads, researches, edits the content as well as manages projects at the same time. Though most copywriters are perceived as mainly being writers, there are a lot of other tasks that a copywriter has to do in order to get the end product to reach the people.

Copywriting has become the mainstay of inbound marketing by companies and is aimed at attracting the customers to the product rather than pushing it out. Most copywriting is done with a lot of flexibility as it has to be in accordance with not only the client’s viewpoint but also the brand policy.

Copywriting has to hit the target yet be subtle at the same time. The content has to be Search Engine Optimized in a way that shows up high in the ranking and has to be unique as well. The design and writing of the copy does not necessarily have to be  over the top, so that the reader understands exactly what you are trying to sell.

For copywriting, a true understanding of the product or the service has to be there. Understanding the purpose will make the copywriting more convincing and bring in inbound traffic by making it relatable. To ensure that the copywriting achieves its purpose it is imperative to understand the target audience. Any marketing campaign which is not developed according to its target audience is sure to be a disappointment in terms of generated traffic and eventual sales. Since the main aim of copywriting is to reach out to customers, the language of the copy has to speak directly to the customers. Here is where a skilled copywriter will work his or her magic. Though it has to be about the product or service being promoted or advertised, it has to tell the customer why and how it will benefit them.  The copy has to speak directly to the customer to try out the product and the service. The copy should not be over loaded with information. It has to be informative and interesting yet concise, so that the customer is aware what he or she is looking at. To ensure that the ROI is high, do not confuse the customer with information that may not be required. One thing to remember in copywriting is to maintain honesty. To attract clients you may use over the top claims in your copy, but it will not translate in to a loyal customer base. Also, dishonesty in copy is a business malpractice. For any brand trying to revamp or establish its image, reputation and trust of customers is very crucial. Lastly all copies should be proofread. Any error, factual, spelling or grammatical may reflect poorly on the brand. It also causes the people to not take your brand seriously. Being precise and error- free is the key. Professional copywriting can take a business to new heights by ensuring steady and uprising ROI.

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