Teaching the younger generation comes with a lot of responsibility. Because of the impressionable minds, the teaching process must be done by specially trained professionals who understand the depth of the work they are expected to do, and base their methods on the requirements of the job.

Teachers are also required to train the students in the essential language skills to create a firmer base for them to learn other skills. This is why English teaching is an important skill to learn and to impart.

English is essential

  • As a medium of education – because most other subjects are based on English as a language / medium of instruction
  • As a language skill because English is the most common language used across the world. And it is considered as an essential interview skill.
  • To understand the finer points of the subject be it the actual English Literature or for English in Engineering, there are many places where knowing English as a part of the curriculum is essential for a better understanding of the subject.

Teaching services

EnglishExpertIndia.com offers English courses for teaching and this includes a huge variety of topics.

For English literature the grade of English that includes the old literature classics and understanding the great works of literature

For Business Communication – to understand the right words to phrase a proper business based communication including emails and professional reports.

For Communication Skills – to learn the effective skills required for communication, including understanding and listening.

English for Engineering Students – including the special terms required for the particular stream of Engineering.

English for Technical Students – this is a special part of English where the technical terms fill up a huge part of the content and require technical and language expertise.

English for Science Students – English for a variety of science streams, based on the requirement of the particular stream. This also requires inclusion of special terms

English for Arts Students and English for Second Language learners – Second language learners are already well versed in another language and need to read English as a second language and this requires an indirect approach to the teaching methods.

In addition to all this, the training also includes courses on designing syllabus for various courses. This is where it is important to understand the key points of designing the syllabus.

Important information regarding designing syllabus

There are many points to note while designing a syllabus

  • It has to have a clear goal ­ syllabus design usually has a clear goal on what is expected from the course. Usually called ‘course aims’, this details the aim of the particular course and what is required to be taught as part of the course.
  • To have a time based detailed schedule planned – Syllabuses usually have time constraints and are therefore required to be segregated into teaching hours that are time blocks within which a particular part of the course must be covered.
  • To make sure to have time or slots for extra content – inclusive of the extra-curricular and co-curricular concepts pertaining to the syllabus. This must also leave space for additional content and unexpected delays in completing course aims.

Dr. Mitalee Shome is a top English Language Expert, based in Mumbai, India. Dr. Mitalee is a PhD in English literature, with over 30 years of rich and varied teaching experience. For all your English teavching, please contact us at English Expert India.