I belong to an average middle class household where main medium of communication is Hindi. So, despite going to an English medium school, my spoken English and communication skills were not up to standards. I never realized how big a problem it was until I started my job hunt. My qualification as an engineer became ineffective because of my lack of effective communication. I set out on a search and English Expert India turned out to be the correct choice. They conduct English speaking classes in Mumbai and have some of the best English teachers in Mumbai. Their method of teaching is so effective that I began to see a noticeable change in my spoken English. Now, with consistent guidance from them and practice I feel I am competent and confident in my career and personal life as well.

Dipika Gautam

Let me begin my note of thanks to English Expert India by accepting how naïve I was! I went to a good school and an even better college and I thought that would be enough to get me my dream job. But I could not have been more wrong. When I started my job hunt, I did not get a call back for months. Even if I did, I never seemed to impress any interviewers. My confidence and self-esteem took a major blow. When I joined English Expert India’s program, I was told my CV had some rookie mistakes because of which the job search was not yielding any results. I took professional CV writing services and my CV and I underwent a makeover. I also underwent soft skills training for facing job interviews with confidence and poise. I want to tell everyone out there, that you might not even know, but despite your qualifications, your CV may become your Achille’s Heels. Rope in the experts from English Expert India, Mumbai and get ahead in the race.

Ravi Pall

My biggest fear has always been facing and interacting with a group of strangers. It has been my biggest weakness and I felt how it can have a regressive impact on my career when I began looking for jobs. I knew that an interview is a medium to know more about a person than what his CV shows. But I knew that unless I focus on my personality development and business communication skills, I stood a bleak chance of cracking any interview. I chose to undergo personality development training with English Expert India and my experience with the mentors at English Expert India has been phenomenal, to say the least. They practically took my fear out of my mind and today I am at a very good position in my career. A big thank you to English Expert India for their support and guidance!

Kiran Patidar

I am small business owner based in Mumbai. The importance of good quality content for a website cannot be overemphasized. Being a new start- up, one of my biggest concerns was generating traffic on my website. But finding good content writing services in Mumbai was proving to be extremely difficult till the time I stumbled upon English Expert India. They provide content writing as well as copywriting services in India. The best thing about English Expert India is that they provide practical and effective solutions depending upon your requirements. When I met their team, I was delighted at the open approach that is taken by them. They helped in creating content for my website as per my vision. Now, my association with English Expert India is rock solid and I am confident that the association will be for a very long time to come.

Swati Katyal

As the head of sales in one of the top MNCs in India, I am well aware of the importance of soft skills that are required for being a good administrator and manager. But, let me tell you friends, knowing something and doing it are two different things altogether. I could see that my team was hesitant in approaching me and trusting my words. I knew I was lacking in my communication and to overcome the problem I took help from English Expert India. They have an amazing program for corporate soft skill training which I underwent. Needless to say, I saw my problems and overcame them. I became more approachable and mindful for my team. I have a new found respect for the team at English Expert India and the novel concept that they are working with in Mumbai.

Rupesh Sahu

If there was one thing that I have always struggled with ever since I remember, that is speaking English with confidence. Even though, I try to speak in English as much as I can, there always seems to be something lacking in my conversation with others. Despite practicing a lot, I did not seem to get any better in my spoken English skills. That is when I decided to take help of professionals from English Expert India. English Expert India works under the patronage of Dr. Mitalee Shome. Dr. Mitalee Shome is a complete professional along with being a matriarchal figure. Her immense amount of experience has enabled her to exactly understand the professional needs and the aptitude of her students. Every program that is run by English Expert India is designed and approved by her. Mitalee mam has helped hundreds of students like me who did not know where to begin. All thanks to her, I am much more confident as well as articulate in my spoken English.

Krishna K. V.

I have always been an introvert who is most comfortable in her own shell. All was well till the time came to begin my job hunt. Talk about having nightmares and mine was facing professionals at job interviews. I knew that my qualification will not be enough to pull me through. I needed help and I am not exaggerating when I say that I found my angel in Dr. Mitalee Shome. As a highly revered educator and author, she has a great understanding of human nature. Dr. Mitalee Shome deals with each student with extreme warmth and that is the best part about being under her tutelage. She is highly approachable and eager to listen to any feedback or doubt that the students may have. I am confident and outspoken today because of her only. All thanks to Dr. Mitalee Shome, my dreams are coming true.

Manish Chaturvedi

I am working with one of the top companies as a HR manager and trainer. My job is to train the new recruits in our company and also interact with them effectively. I believed I was good at my job when one day I noticed that a lot of new employees had negative feedback about my entire approach. On probing the matter, most of them reported that I was not approachable and understanding. Though I was taken aback, I decided to use the feedback to become better and decided to undergo soft skills training by Dr. Mitalee Shome. Dr. Mitalee Shome’s approach towards soft skills training is all inclusive. She believes that each person is like a diamond which just needs to be polished. Her belief in her trainees instills confidence and erases any self- doubt. I am indebted to Dr. Mitalee Shome for turning an adversity in my career into an opportunity for becoming better.

Antim Yadav