For Communication Skills

Communication is how we interact with all the people around us. It is extremely important to communicate with people in a manner which is effective as well as politely assertive. How we communicate with our peers, superiors or colleagues reflects greatly on our personality and people can take either instant liking or disliking towards us based on our communication skills. Communication skills can be verbal, non verbal and written. Today, apart from how we communicate with other people while we talk, how we communicate via phone calls, emails and other modes of communication is also important.

You can stand out from the crowd because of your effective communication skills. Great leaders from all over the world are known for influential persona and significant impact they had on the people by the power of their perfect communication skills.

Effective and useful communication skills not only include talking to people clearly and precisely, they also include being a good listener. Would you ever like to talk to someone who is only interested in outing their own viewpoint rather than having a fruitful mutual conversation/ the answer is probably never. Therefore, to effectively communicate with someone, not only do you have to be articulate but also have to practice to become an intent listener. By practicing active listening, you can definitely gain as well as impart useful bits of information in a conversation. Active listening skills involve you being attentive to other person’s side of the conversation. To gain clarity on certain things that you may not be able to understand, rephrasing of the matter can be done to clear out the confusion. In a good conversation, if you actively listen you may be able to engage in a mutual conversation with use of questions also. Active listening is a soft skill and may involve asking particular questions, being concerned, politely waiting for the other people to give their honest opinions and being respectful of their opinion even if it does not match your opinion.

To enhance your communication skills, think before you speak. As clichéd as it may sound, it really can help you streamline your thoughts and you will exactly know what to say to your audience. If you are unsure about what you want to talk about, you may go on talking while the other person may lose complete interest in the conversation. Therefore, it is important to keep your thoughts concise and clear so you can present yourself effectively.

Non- verbal communication skills

As much as what we speak matters, the manner in which we speak matters equally. When we are speaking to someone our body language, gestures that are hands are making and the tone in which we are talking can speak more about us more than our words. To be more approachable to people around you, try to keep your tone friendly and warm and free of any unnecessary condescension. Try to keep your body relaxed and arms open as this makes you appear friendlier. People will not hesitate to come up to you and speak if your body language is inviting. While speaking to others maintaining eye contact is also essential. Maintaining eye contact while talking to someone not only tells that you are interested in, what they are talking about, it is also a sign of being confident. Non verbal communication is crucial as your body language and gestures have to support what you are talking about. If your verbal and non verbal languages do not match people may not be interested or impressed by what you speak. Your confidence has to be asserted  not only by your words but also by your body posture. There are many non verbal skills that one can improve by practicing simple things. Keep your posture straight. Do not slouch or bend while sitting or while standing. Maintain eye contact but refrain from making the gaze continuous. Do not shake your limbs, and try to relax to avoid fidgeting. While meeting someone, use a firm handshake and smile gracefully. Do not keep checking your phone and avoid distractions while maintaining a conversation with someone. If you absolutely have to make or take a call, politely excuse yourself first. Do not fold your hands against your body. This depicts negativity in your attitude. If someone is trying to make a compelling and serious argument try not to smile. Even while engaging in a conversation, respect the other person’s personal space. It is very important to not interrupt someone while they are talking. You should wait for the person to finish their sentence or their side of the story before moving on to your side of the conversation. Leaning slightly forward indicates that you are genuinely concerned and interested in what the other person is speaking about.

Dr. Mitalee Shome is a top English Language Expert & communications skill teacher, based in Mumbai, India. Dr. Mitalee is a PhD in English literature, with over 30 years of rich and varied teaching experience. For all your corporate communication skills learning requirements, please contact us at English Expert India.