Debabrata Auro Foundation

Charity does not begin at home; more often than not it begins with a clear intention and a strong desire. The same is true in case of Debabrata-Auro Foundation in Mumbai Delhi. Dr. Mitalee Shome, Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker’s Debabrata is the heart child of such novel idea. The idea was to help the needy especially the children and women to empower them to make a life for them.

Dr. Mitalee Shome is a top education expert in India. Debraj Shome is a world renowned name in the field of plastic surgery and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker is one of the top bariatric and laparoscopic GI surgeons in Mumbai India. When these three got together, they decided to use their best resources to form this NGO to reach the maximum people. After a lot of thought process and brain storming, the Debabrata Auro foundation was born.

Today, India is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of technology and culture however when it comes to the terms to actual development of the lesser privileged r section of the society (mainly women and children) we are still lagging about a generation behind the rest of the world. To bridge this gap Debabrata-Auro Foundation has been actively working in this field.

Debabrata-Auro Foundation is an NGO which believes in complete transparency of its work. Therefore whatever donation is made to the NGO is completely recorded and documented. Donors can even track their donations and personally come and see the work being carried on. Donations are accepted in terms of monetary contributions, time and objects. Dr. Debraj Shome believes that it is not the type and amount of donation that matters it is the intention that makes the difference. Debabrata-Auro foundation functions in the mutual trust of the team and the strong desire to make change happen not only in the lives of those who need it but also in the mind-set of the entire society. Various workshops and charity funding drives are carried throughout the country regularly to create awareness.

Debabrata-Auro Foundation is current involved in the education and treatment of women and children. These are the two basic needs which form the foundation of a stable life ahead. The reach to quality education is something which sadly lacks in our country creates a big barrier for most of the children. Affordably quality education is not a difficult task but most of the population does not know the policies regarding the same. The NGO takes it upon itself to make children their parents aware of the policies regarding right to excellent education.

Most women in our country are often denied proper medical care because of lack of awareness and the sense of shame. Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker says ‘I am a woman and over the years during my studies and practice I have seen many women go through a struggle to even access basic medical right.’ Her empathy for women and their pain filters thorough the NGO team which is getting more determined every day to make the revolution happen.

Debabrata- Auro Foundation came into being in the year 2016 and since than it has rapidly gained a niche itself simply because of the strong intents of the founders to be the change they want to see in others.