Translation Services

The need of translation services has never been more. This may seem strange and even unnecessary given the tremendous increase in the number of people who now speak English across the globe. If we take a look at the number of people who speak English as a second language, it can be considered to be one the largest spoken languages around the world. So, this leads us to an obvious question, why is translation really needed at all? The answer is. Even though English may seem to be reining the world of linguistics at the moment, the requirement of translation services does not become any less. In fact, with the growing needs of the world economy, all languages will have to be translated to and from English to facilitate ease of communication.

There are still many people in our country who do not speak English proficiently. Even if those people are able to understand the language they may not be able to understand the language in finer contexts. For them reading and effectively communicating with someone in English may be a problem. So for those people translations of various subjects may be necessary. Despite the growing popularity of English, most people still prefer conversing in their mother tongue. It is something they may be much more comfortable communicating in. English still remains a second language to most people. People still find speaking to people who speak the same language as them, very comforting and heartwarming. People tend to reach out for the content which is in their first language.

Businesses around the world rely heavily on translation and interpretation services. Translation services are still a crucial part of the doing the business in almost all countries. As companies and industries expand their products and services across borders, making the information relevant for the consumers becomes very important. This eventually requires the need of translation services.

English as a second language is the most widely spoken right now. But as economies of other countries continue to grow their native languages are also growing in influence simultaneously. So it means even if people from these countries speak English they still have a preference for their native language.

Translation is a great method of crossing across cultural and lingual barriers. Translation allows the exchange of ideas amongst people who do not speak the same language. The works of great writers and philosophers who wrote in their mother tongue have been made available to people by translating them. Religious scriptures like Bible, Quran, and Geeta etc. have been translated into hundreds of languages to be read and appreciated by people of all castes and religions. This definitely is a proof that no matter which language is spoken the most in the world, the need for translation services will be there in the foreseeable future. Many people may defend the use of bots and softwares for the purpose of translation. The truth of the matter is that language has its own human aspect which cannot be compensated for by a robot or translation software. Therefore Artificial Intelligence is not going to replace Human translators anytime soon.

Translation services offered by English Expert India:-

Hindi to English translation

There is need for English translation of content in a lot of Indian languages. There 22 languages that are officially spoken in India. Hindi is the national language of India and is spoken by millions of people across the country. There is a lot of content in the form of newspapers, books, magazines etc. that can be very informative to a lot of people. Many people who are Hindi speakers and are trying to learn English, find that a lot of practice material can be acquired by the content that is translated from Hindi to English.

English to Bangla:-

Bangla is spoken mostly in eastern Indian state of West Bengal and some parts of Assam. West Bengal has a rich cultural heritage. Bengali or Bangla is a regional language. A lot of English literature is translated into Bangla for the ease of the avid readers. This includes works by some of the most prominent authors in the world. English Expert India provides high quality translation services from English to Bangla of a variety of documents.

Assamese to English:-

Assamese is one of the official languages of India and is mostly spoken in the north eastern state of Assam and some parts of Arunachal Pradesh as well. It is estimated that nearly 13 million people speak Assamese. It is the official language of the state of Assam. English Expert India provides translation services for Assamese English language pair. Our expert team of translators understands the script and the two dialects of Assamese proficiently and does contextual and high quality translation from Assamese to English.

Dr. Mitalee Shome is a top English Language Expert, based in Mumbai, India. Dr. Mitalee is a PhD in English literature, with over 30 years of rich and varied teaching experience. For all your translation requirements, please contact us at English Expert India.